Sunrise: A great reason to get up at 4:30am!



Enough already!

The parents of the nine year old who shot her instructor at the gun range must feel horrible, but they bear a huge portion of the blame for the death of the instructor and the mark this event will leave on their daughter.  It’s a sad situation all around, but give your head a shake, parents.  Why in the world should a nine year old be around guns, let alone shot one!

It’s going to be a fun season!

North of the Border

On Reyes and Melky at the top of the batting order…

“People with high on-base percentage and low strikeout rates at the top of the lineup is always good, especially when they can run like Jose and Melky can. They’re going to set the table for us. The better they do, the better that Edwin and Adam and I will be able to drive runs in, and that’s going to lead to more runs, and that should lead to more wins. It’s not solely on them, though. We can get going one through nine because we’re pretty solid. The first half of the lineup and the second half of the lineup are different styles, but there’s still a capability of scoring runs.

“J.P. can drive a lot of runs in and he can hit home runs. So can Adam in the five-hole if that’s where he ends up. Brett’s got…

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Get organized…NOW!

David Allen talks to the New York Times about getting through the clutter of our lives.

We can keep only so many things at the top of our mind.  If you don’t “write things down” and put them into a trusted system, where you can find them when you need them, all your energy will go to “trying to remember what you know you’ve forgotten.”  That’s an exhausting process!

“Capture everything that has your attention, in your work and your personal life, in writing. Maybe it’s your departmental budget, a meeting with the new boss, an overdue vacation, or just the need to buy new tires and a jar of mayonnaise. For the typical professional, it can take one to six hours to “empty the attic” of your head. It may seem daunting, but this exercise invariably leads to greater focus and control.”

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Great investment advisors

Yesterday, I was in London, Ontario visiting some of our clients.  It was really inspiring to talk with these advisors!  It’s so obvious when you’re in the presence of a real professional who runs a great practice and has the interests of their clients first and foremost.  With the world’s baby boomers entering retirement, we need more people like this group to guide the boomers through the challenges (eg. low interest rates, greater life expectancy, a crowded and confusing world of finical choices, etc.) they will face in the coming decades.  Make sure you’ve got the advisor you need!